Friday, February 8, 2013

Snowboarding is not for fat people

Yeah I said it. And I only say it because I know from experience. I took Diana and Katherine to Utah for the first week of the new year because Diana said I could go snowboarding. Apparently making decisions late at night is okay, as long as everyone benefits. For example, when Diana agreed that I could buy a gun because she was reminded about how much she enjoyed shooting one up at the Roses' cabin. Then when she was more awake she backtracked, almost got it past her though. I may just decide to hold her to her sleeply words. Also her sister came home from her mission to the Winter Quarter Trail Center, and we wanted to surprise her. Actually only about 6 people knew we were coming out, Diana's parents, our friends the Roses, Hursts and Wilsons. We knew we wouldn't have much time to see everyone, or transportation to get from place to place so we kept it pretty quiet. Diana's sister wasn't the only one who was surprised. Her two brothers didn't know we were coming, so when Katherine peeked her little head around the basement door to see what they were watching, we got an incredible reaction. They yelled and got so excited that they scared poor Katherine and she started to cry. Great first impression guys. She eventually got to know them better and had a blast with them when they babysat her.

So yeah, ever since Diana and I got married I've been steadily putting on weight. Breaking my foot in the summer of 2010, having surgery on that foot right that Thanksgiving, sitting at a computer typing papers for 6 hours a day, summer school, stress eating, applying for jobs, more eating, complications from foot surgery and sympathy weight from Diana's pregnancy=about 25 pounds. My work is having a Biggest Loser style competition over the next 10 weeks, so I'm going to join up and get a bit more serious about losing the weight and getting back in shape. It was spurned by the realization that my feet were getting harder to touch. I discovered this while snowboarding in Utah. I didn't have my own equipment with me, and the rentals I had meant that I needed to actually sit down and strap my boots in every time I got off a lift. I really think that putting my boots on was the most challenging and exhausting part of my day. I can't tell you how much I miss snowboarding. The freedom I feel as I'm rushing down the mountain, analyzing the turns, speed, other skiers/boarders. It gets to the point where I can take everything around me in, account for it, adjust to it, and not even think about it. At least I used to, when I would snowboard several times a winter. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm on the wrong side of 30 too. This last trip I was just a hot mess. I'm grateful to my friend, Greg Rogers for having the patience to go with me and let me follow him around the mountain.  
It was really depressing to leave this and head back down into the inversion. It was great to head back to Utah to see family and friends, even if we missed several of our closest friends, we thought about you. We will be back eventually and hopefully we'll see more people and spend more time.

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Amy N. said...

Sounds like a great trip. We've done the surprise thing too and it's a blast. Good luck with your BL contest!